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Our Builder's Dashboard provides everything you need to grow and run your community in one place.

Manage Memberships

All your member data in one place, no more spreadsheets. Easily import and export your members list.

Get Paid

Collect dues, fees, and donations from community members. No hassle.

Partner Up

Keep track of partners and sponsorships from our Partnerships Marketplace.

Perks, Perks, Perks

Spread the love. Share perks directly with your community. Ensure only members get access.

Watch it Grow

Track your community's growth, activity and engagement with community analytics.

Be Heard

Share news, updates, and announcements with your members.

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Provide a rich membership experience.

Our Member's Hub helps your community connect and engage on new levels.

Discussion Forums

A place for your members to ask questions and find answers.

Live Chat

The best way for your members to connect... and share memes.

Member Profiles

Get to know each other better with customizable member profile pages.

Perks Page

An easy place for members to claim perks. Always up-to-date with the latest perks from your partners and sponsors.

Events Calendar

Organize and run community events (virtual or IRL).

Activity Feed

Stay up-to-date with everything that's been happening in your community.

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Get the resources your community needs to thrive.

Our Partnerships Marketplace connects you directly with partners and sponsors for your community.

Get Discovered

Indicate your level of interest in partnerships, then sit back and let the right partners find you!

Get Funded

Accept sponsorship dollars from partners and get paid!

Get Perks

Share perks and deals from your partners via your community perks page.

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Are you a sponsor? Grow ethically by paying communities directly for their attention.

Help connect your organization to communities.

We make it dead simple to find communities, connect with Indie Community Builders, automatically share perks, and provide sponsorships.
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Our story

Our mission is to use technology to foster thriving new communities by equipping community builders of all types with novel tools that will help them succeed and thrive.
Colin Brauns
Co-founder & CEO
Alex Miller
Co-founder & CTO
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