Great communities need great partners.
Stoop's partnership marketplace helps you find partners, manage sponsorships, and share perks with your community.
Get connected with partners
Managing partnerships takes a lot of energy
Discovering, contacting, and onboarding relevant partners for your community takes a lot of time and energy, which could be better spent growing your community.

Stoop's partnership marketplace makes it simple to find and manage sponsorships for your community and share partner perks with your members.

How it works

Community builders share some basic info about their community, along with the sponsorship opportunities they're interested in (including cash, food & drink, in-kind, etc.).
Partners browse communities and sponsorship opportunities to get the information they need to qualify and extend offers to communities.
Community builders can accept these offers and display partner logos on an automatically generated perks page for their communities.
Members sign up to get access to the perks page and more community features coming soon!